Shaun O'Brien



Tipsy Tuna Fishing Team

Shaun and Conor O’Brien, better known as Chumlee and Captain Ahab, are a couple of salty sailors from upper reaches of New England who pride themselves on being tight line aficionados, hawg hunting extraordinaires, and cold beer enthusiasts. Since the two could walk, they’ve had an addiction with singing drags and fat bass. Based out of York Harbor, Maine, Chummah and Ahab spend most of the summer months navigating Southern Maine’s unforgiving coastal waters of in search of the elusive striped bass (New England translation: Stripah). If the boys aren’t out battling the high seas on their hearty skiff known as the Tuna Wagon, you can find them exploring the backwoods of Northern Maine, searching for the next hidden honey hole.

Chumlee’s itch for chasing fish that put a bend in his pole grew into an obsession at an early age, where there allure of the sea was instilled in him by his father, grandfather, and uncles. Since that time, his obsession has grown. Chumlee is now consumed by exploring new methods and locations to put that new personal best sea monster on the deck. The term “The tug is the drug” surely applies to this bucket of chum, where a state of euphoria is achieved upon every battle with one of Neptune’s finest. All in all, this salty sailor represents What The Fin through thick and thin, with his pelagic passions and taste for the good life.