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What the Fin is the good life?

“Soaking Up The Good Life” – Our trademarked lifestyle saying

To “Soak Up The Good Life” is to perceive and embrace the undeniable goodness, joy, and love that is woven into the very fabric of this life we all live. The first step to experiencing what we call “Soaking Up The Good Life” is believing it's actually there.

This saying evolved through a genuine love for life and the desire to share that love with others.

It is our hope that What The Fin will inspire people from all walks of life to pursue what “Soaking Up The Good Life” means on a personal level.

Who is What the Fin?

We are a family business. Founded by a father and son team, What The Fin puts family first.

Cornerstone = God
“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” - Revelations 4:11
Without God, there would be no What The Fin.
Founder – Cary Hinze
Founder – Keaton Hinze
Director Of Sales – Drew Horton
Account Management & Customer Service – Chris Brown

What are our vibes & values?

We believe in loving others, enjoying life, and finding the positives in all things. We believe that God made each individual unique and of the highest quality and we believe that people deserved to be treated as such.

All people, all ethnicity’s, all genders, all ages, all income levels and all lifestyles.

We are building an inclusive culture and invite all people to join #WTFNATION.

When was the beginning of What The Fin?

There was a time before now when What The Fin was not yet an idea. The founder and CEO, Cary Hinze, had owned and operated a screen-printing and graphics company called Purple Tuna Tees for some time. Cary told his son, Keaton Hinze, of his hopes that one day Keaton would take over the family business. The truth is Keaton wanted nothing to do with it at that time. Keaton watched his dad grind himself into the ground for little to no reward for years. He watched his dad pass out in the living room chair night after night with his mouth more wide open than his laptop. Over time the fiery passion Cary had for art and design began to dwindle as did his liveliness.

After some serious thought and reflection, the conclusion was made that something had to change. Considering Cary’s previous experience with branding, he thought starting a t-shirt brand was the best way to utilize all of the resources we already had access to. So one brainstorming session later God dropped What The Fin in our lap. Cary drew up the original logo and printed samples. Keaton who was in college at the time gave out samples to his friends and asked if they would upload photos wearing gear. After about two years the father-son team felt that the concept was proven enough to move forward and invest more time, money, and effort.

Fast forward five years and here we stand today. Now our gear is located in 100+ retail stores around the United States and Caribbean islands in addition to our striking online store.

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Letter From Big Tuna

The island hide away, the perfect beach, the place where the water turns from aquamarine to turquoise. Or maybe it’s the river that runs through the canyons or the pines that erupt towards the sky. Maybe it’s the fish that fly, or the rods that bend and reach into the depths of the blue ready to snap at the next big “WTF” story.

Maybe it’s that end of the day sun that's setting while you hold a cold beverage in an old weathered beach chair.

Wherever your toes are outstretched to the shore, we hope that you’ll be enjoying the moment “What The Fin” are you waiting for?


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