Combat Cabin Fever

Combat Cabin Fever

Cabin fever may be setting in across the country for a lot of people due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), as many of us are living under the guidelines of social distancing, working from home, and our children are being schooled from home. While it is important you follow the guidelines set in place by health officials and the government for combating the virus, it’s also important that you and your families mental and physical health are kept in check. We believe in loving others, enjoying life, and finding the positives in all things even during tough times. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has explained that it is ok to go outdoors, but not to gather in crowds of more than 10 and to keep a distance of 6 feet or more from others. However, it is still possible to get outside with the people in your house and still follow these guidelines. 

Check out the list below of 5 outdoor activities for you and your family, to help combat cabin fever and keep your spirits high during this time of social distancing. We are in this together #WTFNATION!

  1. Fishing: WTF is all about fishing any time of the year. Whether out on a boat or on the banks of a lake, fishing is a great activity to get you out of the house and to spend several hours or a day in the great outdoors.
  2. Standup Paddleboarding: Getting out on the water on a SUP is a fun way to spend time with the family, plus it provides a killer workout!
  3. Kayaking or Canoeing: Take the boat out and enjoy a couple of hours on the ocean or lake enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
  4. Hiking: Many of the National and State parks are open, plus most of them have waived entry fees during this time! Pack some drinks, snacks, and your camera and enjoy a day exploring America’s beauty. Check with the park you’re planning to visit to make sure that they aren’t closed and to see if there are any restrictions before heading out.
  5. Go for a Run or Walk: Even if you only have a little bit of time during your day, you can still go out in your neighborhood and go for a run or walk with your family. Relieve that built-up stress and help your kids burn some of the pent-up energy.

It is important to remember that while it is ok to still do these activities, that you must maintain a 6 foot or more social distance from anyone other than those in your immediate household when outside to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and to wash your hands frequently.

In these times of social distancing and uncertainty, it’s still possible to be #soakingupthegoodlife, safely with What the Fin! To “Soak Up the Good Life” is to perceive and embrace the undeniable goodness, joy, and love that is woven into the very fabric of this life we all live. The first step to experiencing what we call “Soaking Up the Good Life” is believing it's actually there. Despite the current situation, we can still find small things each day to make us happy. Even if it’s merely enjoying that end of the day sun that's setting while you hold a cold beverage in an old weathered beach chair.

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